Meet the Players

After the most talent filled and competitive tryouts in 510 Lacrosse history two travel teams were named for the 2011 Summer season. In all, 32 players were named to 510 Lacrosse’s 510 Laxrats and 25 were named to 510 Lacrosse’s Team 510.

In a first for 510 Lacrosse, players representing high schools from Stockton, CA will be included amongst the usual team members from Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont and Davis high schools. In all 8 different high schools were represented on the 510 Lacrosse rosters: Bishop O’Dowd High School, Oakland; Berkeley High School; Piedmont High School; Oakland Technical High School; Lincoln High School, Stockton; Davis High School; St. Mary’s High School, Berkeley.

Team 510

Henry Anderson Piedmont High 2013 Goalie
Drew Ball Berkeley High 2014 Midfield
Gideon Baum Berkeley High 2013 Midfield
Eddie Conley Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Goalie
Ryan Ellis Piedmont High 2013 Midfield
Blake Feist Lincoln High 2013 Midfield
Emmit Fenn Berkeley High 2013 Midfield
Nick Gayton Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Defense
Sam Gellen Davis 2014 Defense
Ryan Ghiglieri Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Midfield
Teddy Heafey Piedmont High 2013 Defense
Michael Hernandez Piedmont High 2012 Midfield
Hunter Irvin Berkeley High 2012 Midfield
William Izu Oakland Tech 2013 Defense
Ryan Jackson Berkeley High 2012 Defense
Justin Mercier Bishop O'Dowd 2014 Midfield
Matthew Mercier Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Midfield
George Pappas Piedmont High 2012 Goalie
Gabe Patti Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Attack
John Pelgrift Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Attack
Ian Stearns Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Midfield
Nick Stinehour Berkeley High 2012 Midfield
Henry Thomsett Berkeley High 2012 Attack
John Trainor Bishop O'Dowd 2012 Defense
Charles Tuan Piedmont High 2012 Defense

510 Laxrats

Adrian Bjune Oakland Tech 2012 Defense
Weston Brown      
Alex Chiodo      
Ian Chisholm Berkeley High 2013 Midfield
Ian Collins Piedmont High 2013 Midfield
Collin Conboy Berkeley High    
Wes Dunlap Piedmont High 2014 Defense
Chad Finkel      
Will Fishel Piedmont High 2012 Defense
Jamal Gamal Berkeley High 2012 Midfield
Charlie Hanf      
Alex Holme Bishop O'Dowd 2014 Defense
Nick Jaber Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Midfield
Razi Javaherian Piedmont High 2012 LSM
Adam Kurkjian Piedmont High 2014 Defense
Peter Lally Piedmont High 2014 Attack
Gage Laufenberg Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Attack
Tommy Lewellyn Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Attack
Declan McInerny St Ignatius 2014 Attack
Jamie Mitchell Oakland Tech 2013 Midfield
Jack Moe Piedmont High 2013 Attack
Adrien Neema Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Midfield
Travis Opperud Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Goalie
Riley Polvorosa Piedmont High    
Brian Price Piedmont High 2012 Defense
Justin Roach      
Alex Rocha Bishop O'Dowd 2013 Midfield
Jack Shaw      
Drummond Thompson Piedmont High 2014 Goalie
Alex Torres-Tarver      
Maceo Villareal Piedmont High 2014 Midfield
Cooper Walton Berkeley High 2013 Midfield